Our Coffee

We have selected both the best coffee quality and the best way to serve Espresso and Cappuccino for any coffee shop or restautant serving less than 500 cups per day. It is the right solution also for any catering company thanks to the light weight, small size and easy serving system. Furthermore it doesn’t require a skilled barista.

Our highly qualified experts make a careful selection on place of origin of the raw coffee, shipping only the finest Arabica coffee beans from the top percentage of the harvest to our factory. Here we take some samples for chemical analysis and a quality testing. Then the coffee beans that have passed the exams, start the roasting phase, where the coffee is roasted at 220°C in order to obtain the typical brown colour. Also available the decaffeinato coffee, a rich flavor and aroma but without caffeine. Thanks to our enthusiasm and our passion for excellence, we aim to delight our clients by offering the best espresso coffee Italy. In the ’80s, the most famous espresso coffee makers began developing home espresso machines allowing people to enjoy espresso in the comfort of their home. But it is today, after several technical improvements and with the espresso ESE pods, that the home version of the coffee allows you to enjoy an high quality Italian espresso.

Advantages of ESE Pods Coffee

Kiko Espresso Coffee ESE Pods allow people round the world to enjoy the best of the Italian Espresso coupling unique creaminess with an intense distinct aroma. Our ESE Pods guarantee the absolute freshness of the coffee as they are individually wrapped in protected atmosphere.

Energy Consumption

● The ordinary coffee beans machine must be swith on in the morning and never swith off during the day.
● ESE Pods machines must only be lit for the minutes that you require allowing a considerable energy saving. Also it is possible to turn off each different group according to the customer needs reducing the consumption of electric energy.

Time to Make Coffee

● The machine using coffee beans needs to be turn on 20 minutes before being ready to produce excellent coffee.
● The machine using ESE Pods takes only few minutes, thanks to the very high level of technology and materials used.

Water Supply

● The coffee bean machines work with tap water connection, need of a purification system and the replacement filters.
● The ESE Pods machines are equipped with a water tank to use purified water.


● The coffee bean machines require a lot of maintenance and the commitment to an operator.
● The ESE Pods machines no need of routine maintenance.


● The coffee bean machines need about 20 mins. a day.
● The ESE Pods machine is rapid: it only needs 2 minutes, an external cleanliness and anti limestone wash.

Professional Barista

● To make a good coffee with coffee bean machine, the employee, called Barista, must have a good preparation and well experienced to calibrate the grinding, dosing the quantity and compress properly the coffee.
● To make a good coffee with ESE Pods machine isn’t required any particular skill or experience. The wafer has an optimum grinding degree, is pre-dosed and well compressed.

Quality of Espresso Coffee

Coffee powder, stagnating on the grinder, is always exposed to a rapid deterioration of the original organoleptic characteristics, while the single-serving pod is opened only at the time of preparation of the coffee and then maintaining the best flavor and original quality. The paper filter also keeps impurities allowing an even healthier outcome.

More Choices

With ESE Pods machine every customer chooses the most suitable varieties at its best, in a wide range of tastes. In the coffee bean machine always remain some coffee powder residues of the previous coffee (decaffeinated coffee for example).

Costs Analysis Using Coffee Beans and Ese Pods

At first sight, the cost to run a coffeeshop using coffee bean seems to be cheaper, but analyzing deeply all factors, the coffee bean machine is convenient only if the coffee bar serves 1.000 cup per day.
● The number of coffee cups that can be served with 1 Kg of coffee bean may vary, depending on:
– The grinding operations involve the gap that remains in the coffee package and the grinder walls.
– Transferring from the grinder to the dispenser may be inaccurate.
– The first 3-4 coffees of the day are discarded because of poor quality.
● ESE Pods are much more productive than 1 kg of coffee bean, there is no waste coffee.
1 kg of coffee gives always 133 coffee, (1.000gr / 7.5gr coffee weight per pod = 133).

Why to Prefer ESE Pods rather than Capsules for Espresso Coffee

First of all we see the differences in the form and material of the two products. The capsule is a wrapper of plastic or aluminum. The wafer is instead a paper wrapper and is made of cellulose. The most common standard is the E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso).
The coffee Pods are packed single dose and the roasted and ground coffee is measured and pressed within two sheets of paper (usually 7 to 7.5 g per wafer). The pods are always packaged in a protective atmosphere and hermetically sealed so as to always ensure maximum hygiene, quality consistency of the product, and to prevent the aggression of external agents such as humidity, heat, air.
The coffee Capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere or the capsules are self-protected because of their form and invoice.

The two systems have clearly two common strengths, which in the eyes of many make them by far preferable to the classic coffee bean machines. Here they are:
Ease of use: Just insert the Capsule or Pod into the coffee maker, and in 30 seconds you will have your espresso.
Standard Dosage: Pods and Capsules contain from 7 to 7.5 g of a mixture, the ideal quantity for a balanced and tasty coffee.
But besides these two advantages in common, wafers and capsules have deep differences related primarily to the materials they are made of.
● Better flow of hot water through paper: To make espresso coffee, a flow of water at 90° C crosses the packaging and then reaches the cup in the form of espresso. Due to its physical characteristics, using pods, the water must not cross resistant materials such as aluminum or plastic, but only a thin paper wrapper, such as that of the tea bag: this ensures a more creamy coffee, with a smoother taste.
● Cheap: The coffee Pods cost 30-40% less than capsules due to the lack of materials such as plastic or metals.
● Environmental Sustainability: The Pods are composed of fully biodegradable materials, two sheets of paper, and then can be composed in the damp. The aluminum coffee capsules are not recyclable because they are made by aluminum and coffee and then to be disposed of the two elements should be separated.
● Health. With waffles, hot water passes through a filter paper plant 100% natural, which does not release residues. It seems you cannot say the same of the capsules, the flow of hot water while passing aluminum or plastic, seems to bring some residues of these substances in the cup.
● Universal Compatibility: The Pods are a standard (have same size and design) and are compatible with any coffee machine, which does not happen with the capsules.