Work With Us

  • Start a new life.
  • Become your own boss.
  • Become an entrepreneur with your own coffee shop.
  • Become our Partner and secure your exclusive territory.
  • Invest only 3.800 Euro to start your own coffee bar.

With Kiko Mobile Coffee Bike you can do everything that an ordinary local coffee shop does, serving a real espresso coffee or cappuccino prepared in front of customers’ eyes, as it happens in Italian coffee shops. Alongside coffee & cappuccino, you can also offer juices and snacks depending on your local market. We are ready to customize your Coffee Bike according to your requirements, adding other accessories such as refrigerator, icemaker smoothie preparation equipment, etc. JOIN US

The Freedom of Becoming Your Own Boss with Kiko Mobile Coffee Bike

  • You will own your mobile coffee shop.
  • Low initial investment, only 3.800 Euro franchise fee to start-up, including the coffee bike and exclusive territory.
  • Low running low costs, No monthly fixed costs.
  • You can choose any location, Kiko Coffee Bike can operate anywhere, no needs for a water or electricity supply.

Join us to start the fresh and innovative Coffee Bike business for just 3.800 Euro combining passion and work.

The Partnership

Becoming our partner, you will benefit from our unique and extensive know-how of food and beverage. We will teach and support you through all operative steps of running your own business and at the same time nurturing the sense of partnership. Please note, we don’t sell juices, snacks and other food products that you can easily find from your local suppliers.

The Innovative Coffee Bike

Kiko Coffee Bike is an economic, eco friendly and versatile vehicle to run from location to location without emissions. The Coffee Bike is a three wheeled pedal assisted bike powered by an electric motor (to be an ordinary bicycle in the eyes of the law, so no tax, no insurance, no licence), characterized by unique design and innovative technical solutions, self contained, and no need water and electricity supply.

The Guidelines

Low purchasing price and low maintenance costs, it is easy to replace worn or broken parts. All the parts that you will have to change during the years are the ordinary bike parts, such as tyres and brake pads. The motor is brushless maintenance free. It is rated to run for years without needing a service.

Uses and Users

The Coffee Bike is ideal for a boy or girl of twenty to combine passion and work, but might be interesting for anyone who wants to start his own business. It is the right idea for clever men and women who presently are involved in food & beverage industry, or for anyone looking for a new business without huge investments for the startup, and without the cost of maintaining a traditional coffee shop.
The street food industry is the main use, but let us bring to your home event our mobile coffee bar, making it a truly unforgettable and unique venue. It can be setup whenever, also in your garden or living room, providing discreet and spotless service to your guests. From casual birthdays to selective corporate exhibitions.

Main Reasons to Join Kiko Mobile Bar

  • High Demand: People love coffee and drinks, and there is great constant demand at shows, events and also on the street corner.
  • Combining Passion and Work: People in the bar business tend to either love it. If you like the food and beverage industry, the Coffee Bike will be a very rewarding and profitable business.
  • Private and Corporate Work: There is a great demand for Mobile Bars at private parties and corporate events. The popularity of bar training courses, such as cocktail making or barista lessons has also increased in recent years. Furthermore there is a great demand for high quality espresso coffee on the street corner.
  • How to Stand Out from the Crowd: To break into the food & beverage industry you have to offer new and imaginative services, including espresso coffee bars.
  • Good Opportunities: Thanks to its unique design, flexibility, equipment and technology, with Kiko Coffee Bike you can work on the street corner in the morning and at private parties and corporate events in the night.