The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

Best Cafes & Coffee Shops plus Mobile Bar Services

Kiko Bar is a directory of the best cafes and coffee shops, including mobile bar services for weddings and events. Independent cafes and coffee shops are the best place for a weekday coffee break or a pizza with friends. And you can also book your mobile home bar service for the informal party Saturday night or your child’s birthday. Support your favorite coffees and start living life again after months of blocking. Let’s change the fate of family-run cafes, restaurants, mobile bars and food trucks that serve great coffee and delicious food with passion!

If you are looking for a coffee shop, a wine bar, a restaurant, a food delivery, a mobile bar service, here you will find the best offer near you:

  • Best Choice: a wide selection of cafes, mobile bars, restaurants for whatever you are looking for.
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Independent Cafes and Coffee Shops Directory

Refer to the following main categories to choose the business you are looking for:

  • Independent family run restaurants are small to medium sized restaurants with delicious food and a warm atmosphere. Each restaurant is different from the other and you can taste different unique dishes made mostly with genuine local products.
  • Cafes are small restaurants specializing only in sweet baked goods, ice cream, coffee and many other different types of coffee drinks. You can enjoy Italian espresso, cappuccino, American coffee, latte, mochaccino and decaffeinated, a coffee with a rich taste and aroma but without caffeine. Espresso has emerged as the most popular drink today. In fact, on every street corner you can see a bar that has become a favorite place to meet friends and business colleagues.
  • The Mobile Bar is able to provide a full service cocktail bar, wine bar, coffee shop to your venue and add sparkle to your event. If you are planning an evening party for your birthday, book an elegant Mobile Cocktail Bar. If you are organizing a corporate event, a mobile Coffee Bar cannot be missed. For your wedding book an elegant Mobile Ice Cream Bar to guarantee your guests an unforgettable moment. A professional bar will produce interactive experiences. Thanks to the highly qualified staff, your guests will be an active part of the party and not just drinkers.

And if you are looking for street food, check out the following vehicles:

  • The Food Truck is a complete mobile restaurant offering different gourmet specialties based on the skills of the chef. In addition to having your meal on a park bench, the food truck can be a good alternative for a gourmet takeaway dinner.
  • A Coffee Bike is a fully equipped self-contained café on wheels usually serving coffee, juice, ice cream, and light meals. It is the evolution of the never forgotten old street food cart. An old-fashioned mobile café equipped with professional equipment, which moves between sidewalks, squares, gardens and neighborhoods.
  • Food Cart is a small push cart that serves light meals mainly based on fruit and vegetables.

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