The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

About Us

We are a coffee bar company born in Italy by 6 partners in 2014. All founders have a wealth of experience in the drinks & food industry, and are fully committed to customer satisfaction and the success of each event. Kiko Bar have introduced a friendly island lifestyle with great espresso coffee and cappuccino, live entertainment and warm atmosphere to each events for years, offering a very high standard of service in Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Casual Evening with Friends, Concerts.

Our Mission

Now we have launched Kiko Bar platform to include Coffee Shops, Coffee Bikes, Food Trucks, Family-run Restaurants in just one place. All of us love the booking system for luxury restaurants and the convenience of ordering online for take away and food delivery. But we noticed that many family-run restaurants and coffee bars and all mobile food trucks have great food, they lose potential sales for following reasons:
They aren’t known in the area
They don’t have an online ordering service
Potential guests cannot see reviews of other clients
We try to solve this problem providing a system that family-run restaurants, coffee bars and food trucks owners and their customers will love.

More Technology, More Clients

KikoBar is a modern online mobile bar and restaurant operating system and booking system that makes it easy for anyone to accept online table reservations for free. Furthermore the guest can write a review on your bar / restaurant. More reviews means more guests. We make things simple, so you can focus on your guests and running your activity. We give the opportunity to coffee bikes, food trucks and family-run restaurants to build their own client database to send out promos to boost sales.

Our mission is to help new and existing businesses to stand out the crowd and to increase profit. Join KikoBar promotional platform to connect you and your brand directly with the community your business serves!