The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

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Book a mobile bar experience for your event to get the party where you need it. A mobile bar company can turn any place into a full-fledged wine shop or café in less than 1 hour, whether it’s a small living room, a poolside terrace or an exotic beach. The mobile bar offers great flexibility and fits well with the party theme, from a casual summer barbecue with friends to a corporate event in your office. The staff will assist you in choosing the type of bar and equipment that best suits your needs to create the right event to amaze your guests. If you cannot find a mobile bar in your area on our platform, please contact us to speak to one of our assistants who will help you find one.

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Book Mobile Bar for Your Special Event!

We will make you an approximate offer to refine according to your needs.

Give Your Celebration the Personal Touch with Mobile Bar Services! You have the flexibility to choose the right mobile bar package that matches your needs from a vast choice of styles and services. Talented personnel like Mixologists, Bartenders, Chefs, DJs, Vocalists, in one world, the Life of the Party, are ready to add sparkle to your event.

Food and wine specialties when and where you want. Write us the type of event: birthday, wedding, informal party, corporate event, exhibition, festival, new store opening, new product launch and more…


Evening Casual Parties
For casual parties we suggest the beer bar or pizza bike.

Every wedding has a unique style, and we provide specialised wedding bars with several design to choose from to always meet the event style.

Corporate Events
For corporate events we suggest the coffee bike or prosecco bar. Our personalised mobile bikes are ideal for marketing purposes being branded with your company’s logo and illuminated in a choice of different colours to display your company’s brand colours or to simply suit the surroundings. Cups & napkins and any other merchandise can be branded with your logo design.

Children’s Parties
For children’s parties events we suggest the ice-cream bike or non-alcoholic bar serving signature cocktails in non-alcoholic versions.

Themed Events
We can decorate the mobile bar according to the theme of your event and also prepare a menu tailored to the theme: bio, alchol free, color, and more. We will provide staff uniforms in same colour and style of the event.

All our Food Bikes are ecological, powered by a powerful electric motor with a battery recharged with solar panels. without gas emissions and without noise to move in harmony with the environment.