The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

Mobile Bar Services

Add glamour to your party with Kiko Mobile Bar Services! Hire Your Mobile Bar, the ideal solution for any event, from casual birthdays to selective corporate exhibitions, to bring people closer, providing an unforgettable and warm experience. With a Mobile Bar you can now hold your party in the dreamed location. Whether it’s a small corner bar to be placed in your living room, a gazebo bar in the garden, or an island bar for large exhibition halls, we have it all at Kiko Bar. A service tailored to your requirements, which means no matter what you need or what your budget is, we can design a bespoke bar package for your needs.

Mobile bar services

Choosing mobile bar services has never been easier!

Enjoy a stress-free and fun experience with a mobile bar hire for Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings. Giving your guests an unforgettable wine and cheese pairing experience with a bespoke mobile bar can be a unique way to add a romantic touch to your wedding. Book now Kiko mobile bar for your next event!

A Prosecco Bar to wow your guests
Greet your guests on arrival with a glass of chilled Prosecco, Italian sparkling wine. Celebrating a luxury event as Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, the Prosecco Bar can be set up in public halls or even in the middle of a field to transform any party.

Ice Cream Mobile Bar Services
Recreate sweet childhood memories by hiring an ice cream mobile bar for your event. Having an ice cream bar at a wedding or birthday is always an great idea, your guests can enjoy artisanal ice creams and a candy buffets.

Mobile Coffee Bar Services
Espresso Bar for the coffee catering experience to your event. Espresso, cappuccino and other coffee based drinks to your guests.
Cappuccino: is made with espresso and milk like Caffe Latte but uses less steamed milk and much more foam. Cappuccino is the most popular coffee drink in the morning. The name comes from the Capuchin Friars, referring to the colour of their habits. Cappuccino is served in a cup.
Caffe Latte: is one of the most popular specialty espresso coffee drink, and it is made with espresso and milk. To make Caffe Latte, the milk is steamed and frothed with the steam wand of the espresso machine, to create a cream that blends with the espresso coffee. Caffe Latte is made by adding the steamed milk to the espresso shot. The foam rise to the top while the milk remains on the bottom. Caffe Latte is usually served in a glass.
Latte Macchiato: is made by adding half espresso shot to the steamed milk. The name macchiato comes from macchia (mark) given by the espresso on the top of the coffee drink.

Pizza Bike to amaze your guests
Pizza is one of the most versatile dishes, customizable with any topping. Pizza chefs can be more and more creative by choosing the toppings they prefer to decorate their pizzas, from salami to pineapple. From today, pizza chefs can express their creativity also by choosing the most appropriate location. Kiko Bar redefines the rules of what a pizzeria is. The Pizza Bike is a carbon free ecological bike with a Made in Italy pizza oven. It is a one-of-a-kind mobile pizzeria capable of serving delicious pizzas in any place reachable by bicycle.