The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

The Best Independent Cafes & Coffee Shops

Pizza Bike Franchise

Pizza Bike Franchise allows you to run a mobile food business with a 3-wheel bike without the startup investments required to open a pizza restaurant. You can decide when and where to operate, whether on a street corner, in a city park, in front of the stadium, or at weddings and corporate events. With the Pizza Bike you can turn your dreams into a successful business. You can better manage the places and times that best suit your habits and abilities instead of being limited to the working hours of the restaurant. The Pizza Bike will always attract the attention of passersby and most of them will be intrigued to try your pizza. And after tasting it, they will become your regular customers.

Pizza bike franchise

Pizza Bike Advantages

Low initial investment: with our Pizza Bike you can establish your own business with little money. You can get up and running from around USD 6.000 plus the cost of the license issued by your municipality.
No monthly fees: your success is our success! We do not ask for monthly royalties or the obligation to purchase our products. You are free to choose the products to sell and from whom to buy them.
Mobility: with the Pizza Bike you can serve delicious pizzas like those of a pizzeria, prepared in front of customers in unexpected locations. The bike is self-sufficient and can run without a power outlet for hours.
Flexibility: with the pizza bike you can serve in addition to traditional pizzas also some local specialties that you think can have a good response from your customers.
Global Network: You will benefit from the benefits of an international marketing strategy based on the concept that every bicycle owner contributes to the growth of the brand.
Geolocated on Google map: each bike is equipped with a GPS device to be easily identified on our platform

Earnings of Pizza Bike Business

The secret to a successful activity with Pizza Bike is: hard work, choosing a good location to operate, contacting wedding and corporate event planners to include your Pizza Bike among the attractions of the party!
Pizza Bike franchise ensure big profits. Pizza Bike has one of the highest margins in the industry, you can expect margins around 60% net of the cost of sales and raw materials. You will be able to set the menu and prices based on local customers and management costs, but whatever your country, you can see the return on investment within 90 days. When you are back from the 1st bike investment, you can decide to buy another bike to build your fleet of pizza bikes. There is no limit to the number of pizza bikes you can use!

Kiko Bar is now looking to expand its Pizza Bike franchise network and is looking for boys and girls who have good interpersonal skills, a desire to work outdoors, and join our network while remaining totally independent. By joining Pizza Bike you can serve pizza on street corners, offer home delivery services and participate in weddings and events. You have full freedom to manage your stock of products and, if necessary, hire people. In this turbulent days, most restaurants and coffee shops are limited to pickup, delivery, and outdoor dining. What are you waiting for to start youe own mobile pizzeria?

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Historical Notes on Pizza

The history of pizza begins more than 2000 years ago, when the Romans made focaccia, a basic flatbread with cheese and olive oil. Modern pizza was born in Naples, Italy, in 1889 when the pizza chef Raffaele Esposito created the Pizza Margherita to honor the queen of Italy, Margherita di Savoia. A pizza garnished with tomato, mozzarella and basil, to represent the colors of the Italian flag: white, red and green. Margherita is still the most popular pizza today. To make an excellent pizza, the pizza must be cooked in a wood oven; the base must be leveled by hand without the aid of mechanical tools, only tomatoes grown in Naples and extra virgin olive oil must be added. In the 1960s, pizza consumption exploded in North America with the emergence of some pizza franchise brands. In Canada, Hawaiian pizza was born, a pizza topped with ham and pineapple that became popular with young people. Since the 1960s, the consumption of pizza has grown in all countries of the world and does not seem to stop.